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A Place Beyond The Map

A Place Beyond The Map - Samuel Thews A Place Beyond the Map started off as such a strong story. It was creative. It was colorful. It was funny.

And then, the ending happened.

The events leading up to the ending were fine. The labyrinth scene was one of my favorites, and seeing Phinnegan stand up to what was essentially the god of the Place Beyond the Map to change his fate, screwing the consequences, was pretty cool.

Then everything just ended.

Because of Phinnegan, the world is going to be destroyed. He owes a favor to an angry deity. And he just gets sent home, being told that he'll have to come back later at some point, to deal with the consequences of his actions. And there's no second book. That's it. He never goes back, he's never forced to deal with what his choices mean for the Place Beyond the Map.

It's one thing to leave a story open-ended, so that the reader can imagine events going on beyond the ending. It's quite another thing all together to leave *everything* open and unanswered.

But, my hang-ups with the ending aside, I did enjoy the rest of this book. The fairies, the troll, the giants, the will-o-wisp, and the Guide were all interesting characters. I even enjoyed the villain, despite his goal being the typical "I want the power to rule the world!" deal. The riddle scene was wonderful. It was a very fun read, and would have gotten a higher rating if it had given me some sort of closure.