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Angels, 80 Facts & Answers

Angels, 80 Facts & Answers - Robin Bremer For the record, I would like to point out that this is actually more like 50 facts, followed by a Q&A session with another author.

And a lot of the facts repeat themselves. Some are just a single word describing angels. Some are "facts" without a Bible passage for verification, while others are just lists of scripture verses, without quoting said verse, or explaining what the verse is proving.

Some of my favorites included:

#30 Powerful (need no scripture for this because all scripture show how powerful they are)

#31 Angels have great authority

#32 They are Obedient

#44 It is NORMAL to interact with angels!

Here are soon people in Bible times that had experiences with angels. Everything they experienced we can desire to have also. We have a BETTER Covenant than they had.

When you're writing a book to give realistic information about angels, it helps if you're giving proof for each of your points. That is, after all, the intent of the book.