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Bound (The Preston Vampire Series, #1)

Bound (The Preston Vampire Series, #1) - Amanda K. Dudley-Penn Bound took a while to get started. The first half of the book was almost nothing but exposition, setting up the premise of the story. There was so much information being thrown at the reader so fast, it felt incredibly clunky.

After the plot and characters are established, though, the story slows down a touch, and things actually start happening. Once I hit that point in the story, I was much more invested in the story.

The vampires seemed a bit Twilight-esque...the main clan only feeds on animal blood, and they've got a dainty female vampire who can see the future, and they've got to gather together their vampire family to fight a war against the evil vampires who don't share their views. However, there's also a plot involving some of the older vampires being mistaken for gods, which was actually fascinating to think about. I'd normally groan about a book trying to shoe-horn in vampires AND a Greek god reference, but it doesn't seem so insane the way this book handled the issue.

The romance between Marissa and Nicholas is incredibly rushed. Part of it is explained through Nicholas' back story, but even so, it happened way too fast for me to get invested in them. I don't care about them for the same reasons I don't care about Stephan and Elena in Vampire Diaries.

I think that if the book had taken a slower pace, it would have been a stronger story. Longer, yes, but the book would have benefited in the long run.

It was definitely a neat take on vampires, though. I'll give it that.