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Accidentally Flirting with the CEO

Accidentally Flirting with the CEO - Shadonna Richards This was a hard rating for me to decide.

The book started off beautifully. The lead-up to Jess getting the accidentally sent email was hilarious, as was watching him deal with the emotions the email stirs in him, while trying to keep up a professional front in the middle of Alexa's employee review. Some of the best lines in the book come from that reaction.

After that point though, things just teetered off. The story jumps to what I'm guessing is the same day, except the reader's missed a few minutes, or hours, and Jess and Alexa start referencing conversations that the reader wasn't privy to. From there, there's no build-up at all to their relationship. Part of what made the first part so intriguing was the conflict between what both characters felt, and the constraints that their career put on any sort of a realistic relationship between the two.

But for all of that, I didn't *hate* this book. It had some issues, yes, but it wasn't terrible. I actually had a lot of fun reading it.

The post-conference pace, in the end, is what made me settle as low as I did for the rating. It's definitely a higher two, though. Like, maybe 2.5 stars.