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The Prince's Resistant Lover

The Prince's Resistant Lover - Elizabeth Lennox I can't, in good consciousness, like this book. The male lead just completely ruined everything for me.

When Wyndi doesn't agree to meet him for dinner, Tamar finds out her name and where she lives, and forces his way into her apartment. After spending one night together, he starts planning on taking Wyndi to live with him, because she's oh-so-fragile and doesn't belong in her own neighborhood. And he'll buy her all sorts of clothes that he wants to see her in, and on and on, all sorts of plans for what will become of Wyndi's life, without allowing her any say in the matter.

...okay. Yes, okay. He's a prince. He's used to being in control of other peoples' lives. I was willing to give the book that one.

And then he abducted her.

The book doesn't even try to make it romantic or anything. He just straight-up abducts her. Okay, he's abducting her because he believes that she's stealing and selling information that might hurt his country. But there are legal ways of dealing with hackers, Tamar.

Ways that don't include dragging sleeping, naked women to your private jet.

Bending low, he lifted her into his arms. A gentleman would wake her up and tell her what he was going to do, but he didn't feel very gentlemanly at the moment.

One short scene transition later, on the jet -

She still didn't have any clothes on...

There's no mention of him dressing her before he left the apartment. And I would have assumed that she was already dressed, or that he had stopped to dress her before carrying her off, except the very next scene makes it very clear that Wyndi wasn't dressed when she fell asleep, and she still isn't dressed.


The interrogation plot line is ridiculous, but could have been used for character development, had the resolution not been so sudden and unrelated to either of the main characters. Instead, it felt like a waste of time.

I got a couple of chuckles out of the book, and the ending was sweet, but I draw the line at kidnapping sleeping, naked women.