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Mad Maudlin: A Tor.Com Original

Mad Maudlin: A Tor.Com Original - Marie Brennan Mad Maudlin was a weird blend of folktale/song and psychology.

It was a strange combination, but it was interesting to watch the story attempt to explain the events in the song using actual, psychological issues, and then use psychology to resolve everything.

Well, I mean...okay, maybe it wasn't *that* weird. You can use psychology to analyze just about anything, and read disorders into everything. There are entire books dedicated to psychoanalyzing pop culture, or finding examples of various schools of philosophy in them. So it's not a stretch to apply psychology to understanding a folk song.

The difference lies in the fact that in this story, mental illness has a physical shape that can be observed and resolved by analyzing the physical manifestations.

I wish the story had focused more on that. The first three-quarters of the story were dedicated to grounding the plot in reality, and then the last quarter, everything goes insane.

That's it. In a story of analyzing the psychological problems Mad Maudlin has, the story needed MORE insanity.