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In the Greenwood: A Tor.Com Original

In the Greenwood: A Tor.Com Original - Mari Ness In the Greenwood is an interesting take on an old story.

The short doesn't use names, and instead relies on descriptions of each of the characters. But the story's been told so many times that it doesn't really need names. If you're familiar with the story at all, you *know* who everybody is.

I liked the writing style. The constant back-and-forth between his and her perspectives actually didn't annoy me here. I also enjoyed the more realistic study of the characters - the short took stories about a legend and made them human. There are no extremes of good or evil in this story. There are no heroes, or villains. There are only people handling a difficult situation in what they believe to be the best manner.

And that's what I liked most about this story. The best villains are the ones who aren't evil for the sake of being evil - they're the ones who have a differing viewpoint, the ones that are attempting to solve a problem using their own methods, which at times can clash with the methods of others. It creates a believable conflict.