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A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons

A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons  - Cressida Cowell I was starting to wonder if the first two Hiccups would ever be mentioned. This Hiccup is Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third, but absolutely no mention had been made of where his name came from before this book. History repeats itself, it seems.

We finally get to meet Camicazi's dragon, Stormfly, which, again, it's kind of weird that it took three books to bring up the fact that Hiccup had never seen her dragon, despite the fact that everybody has a dragon. Personally, I was starting to think that maybe the Bob-Burglars just didn't use dragons like the Meatheads and the Hairy Hooligans did.

I'm also starting to notice that the dragons are becoming less important as the series progresses. Plots used to revolve completely around dragon competitions, or Hiccup trying to get Toothless to do something. And while Toothless is still the main reason our heroes have to break into the Meathead Public Library, he's not really essential to the plot. He just doesn't do much, except eat things and complain, and complain about eating things.

The book does leave me wondering, though...if reading and writing are horrible, forbidden things for Vikings...

...how do they have a library full of thousands of books?

When the library is first described, it sounds like there's only a few books in there, but Hiccup and company go through a entire, fully stocked library. Where did all of the books come from? How did they get written, if writing is such a bad thing? Why would someone write a book if writing was frowned upon? Who would read the books? Was there something that only recently happened in the past couple of generations that made books be completely banned?

Ah, I'm a sucker for books about books, though. I really liked this one.