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How to Ride a Dragon's Storm

How to Ride a Dragon's Storm - Cressida Cowell Ah, Snotlout. Here I thought the days of amnesia about Hiccup's accomplishments were behind us. You continue to prove me wrong.

How to Ride a Dragon's Storm goes back to the "adventure recap" feeling of the first few books, and sets aside the overarching plot progression of the series. Don't get me wrong, an important event takes place in the story...but it seems lacking in comparison to the previous two books.

There's very little dragon/human interaction in this one. The story focuses much more on the "rivalry" between Hiccup and Norbert the Nutjob. Yeah. Bet you thought you'd never see him again.

I didn't entirely understand Norbert's antagonism towards Hiccup here. I mean, yeah, Hiccup kind of stole their... *looks around to make sure nobody's listening* potato...but with the way the fourth book ended, it seemed like Norbert didn't want to deal with Hiccup, because of the whole prophecy thing. I mean, he *did* kind of free the Hysterics from their fifteen-year imprisonment, after all. Hell, the guy went to Berk for a celebration in the fifth book, and he didn't try to murder Hiccup!

But, whatever. Everyone has amnesia where Hiccup's accomplishments are concerned.

I was also very good about not making any Clonus references, despite the fact that they were going to America. Wait a second...dang it! I just ruined it.